Proper Use of a Slip Lead/Leash
October 6, 2021
Slip leads can be a great tool when walking a puller as well as a safety backup for a flight risk, newly adopted or fostered dog. The only issue is that there is a right and wrong way to put on a slip leash.
Muzzles and Muzzle Training 
May 1, 2021
So many people think a dog wearing a muzzle means the dog is dangerous or uncontrollable. In some cases, yes, but for the majority of dogs, whose owners use muzzles, they want to protect their dog when an untrained dog approaches. Find out more by clicking on the title.
Mental Stimulation
October 6, 2021
Dogs need daily physical exercise but what are other ways to tire out your pooch? Find out more by clicking on the title.
Desensitization to Touch
May 27, 2021
In training I often come across dogs that are afraid of touch on various parts of their body. Here are reasons why all dogs should be desensitized to touch and how to do it. Click on the title for the full post.

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